This page is updated periodically so that home watch customers can have an idea what the weather may be like on the Cape. Because of the large number of clients we have, we cannot honor a request to show each individual property. So we have general pictures and weather info posted (see below photo gallery). We will only post information when there are storms or extreme weather, which means at times of mild weather there may be a longer period of time with no entries made.



12/2/11 Enjoying some beautiful fall weather!

11/7/11 Some beautiful fall weather in store for today!

10/30/11 Major storm this weekend. Cape faired well.

10/1/11 Home checks have begun for the season.

1/27/11 Yet another winter storm upon us. Seems we have had one per week.

 No power outages to report at this time.

12/8/10 After a glorious summer and fall, winter is here! Still seeing a lot

 of sun but the temperatures have dropped to the 30's.

4/1/10 Nice start to spring !  

1/20/10 Rain/snow mix about 36 degrees.

12/20/09 Still in the midst of our first winter storm of the season.

  The good news is we have had no news of power outages on the lower end of

   the Cape. All checks will be done when the storm is over and we can get to each


11/2/09 Home checks have begun for the season.

  We are having a great fall. Hopefully it will be a mild  winter.

   2/4/09 About 4-6 inches last night. Not as much wind as predicted.

1/30/09 Sunny and Cold.

1/10/09 Weather men were predicting 9 inches which never happened. Turned out to be only about 2-4 inches followed by rain. 1/1/09 Happy New Year!   Another storm last night, but no power outages or damage to report.

12/20/08 Quite a night last night, but overall things are not too bad on the Outer cape. All     home watches have been completed and everything is fine. There is quite a bit of heavy snow that has coated the branches of the trees (looks beautiful), but could possibly bring down power lines.

1/11/2007 - a mild fall has now become a mild winter, so far. there has been no snow; just some cool rainy days every now and then.

12/2/2006 - a system came through the area yesterday with rain and wind (gusts to 60mph); no damage to report.

11/17/2006 - heavy rainfall and windy today (1/2") but nothing to worry about.  

11/10/2006 - Overall we have had a relatively mild fall this year.